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Corporations, companies and organizations can make a difference in your community by giving local schools the opportunity to have an educational program based on values and virtues. As a result, there will be a change in children, in their environment and, eventually, in society.

With a donation of USD 750 (seven hundred and fifty US dollars) a group of 35 children from a school in the metropolitan area can benefit from this program. The total cost of sponsoring a school depends on the number of fifth grade groups it has.

The Foundation provides a voucher for each donation. If the sponsorship is on behalf of a company or if you are a taxpayer, this receipt serves to deduct your donation from income tax. We are registered by the Government as a social welfare organization.

The Foundation will keep you informed about the different activities carried out in the sponsored school during the course of the program.

Contact us to begin your sponsorship with us. Read some of the sponsors’ testimonials:

How are donations invested?

The sponsors' contributions are distributed as follows: 83% is for the implementation of workshops in schools, 10% is for the service programs that are developed with the children who participate in the workshops, and 7% is for administrative expenses.



Supporting the work of the GEMA Foundation has been a remarkable experience for Wal-Mart Mexico and Central America. Their virtues and values have accompanied us for the past four years as part of our corporate social responsibility with the communities in which we operate. Having participated in acts of inauguration and closure of the workshops in eleven schools, has given us a much deeper vision of their work. We also have become aware of the needs of those schools, which in most cases are located in areas of high social vulnerability. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to positively impact so many children in Costa Rica.

Yolanda Fernández.
Corporate Affairs Manager, Wal-Mart Mexico and Central America.


It is highly motivating to know that the company I work for supports a project with such a good outreach for future generations. As many of us know, if we give these children the tools to face the world with courage and values that make them better human beings, we would make of Costa Rica a better country day by day. Moreover, we would recover much of what we have lost in this field. I hope that this project does not end because it has a future. It brings motivation and hope to many children, who even in a difficult social environment have faith for a better tomorrow. Thanks GEMA staff for your good intentions, your professionalism and your love for people. Those are well defined characteristics that represent all of you.

Oscar Corrales.
Social Responsibility Committee, Demasa.


In Del Monte Central America we support the GEMA Foundation because we believe with certainty that educating our children with values helps them become better people. It also enables them to face this difficult world in which we need people full of strength, willpower, responsibility, and respect, among many other things. Then, we would have a better society and better generations. The GEMA Foundation works at the root of social problems, focusing on children's education and essential aspects of humankind. Their programs are well-targeted, with clear objectives and specific results. We wish that all of the schools in this country could have the opportunity to participate in a program such as the ones offered by the GEMA Foundation.

Evike Soto.
Manager, Del Monte Costa Rica.


Ferretería EPA is honored to support the work of the Gema Foundation. We understand the importance of promoting the virtues and values in children, so that they become good citizens who contribute to build the country’s common welfare. We believe that citizenship is more than being born in a piece of land and that true citizenship is provided by the commitment to society. That is the reason why we recognize and support the great work of the Gema Foundation to teach these children to interact positively with others.


Mauricio Plano.
Head of Marketing, EPA Costa Rica.



We consider that the GEMA Foundation program makes a great contribution to Costa Rican society since there is a lack of values and spiritual principles in our educational system. As we know, intellectual aspects are necessary. However, it would be hard for a child to become an agent of positive change if he grows up without a sense of love for humanity, service to others, and responsibility for the country's development. Our company, I.S. Corporation, is committed to those principles and will keep supporting such valuable initiatives that are so necessary to this population, which represents the future of our country and humanity.

José Soto.
General Manager, I.S. Corporation.


On Unicorn Printing, we support Gema Foundation. Taking into account Gema Foundation main goal to educate on virtues and values​​, the fact of envolve our activities with such a noble purpose is paramount for our company and our collaborators. We are confident that by extending our support, we will contribute to positively change the lives of people that will become a role model for our society.

Milena Gónzalez.
Commerical Manager, Unicorn Printing.

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