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Programs for Organizations

The Gema Foundation offers workshops related to the virtues and values to different community and business organizations.

Our workshops aim to awaken the virtues that are within each person, starting a process of personal growth among participants. This leads to an enhancement of the organization’s culture of well-being, service, interpersonal relationships, corporate values, and leadership.

Some of the programs, talks and workshops we offer are:

  • Workshop: Strengthening Virtues and Values for Teamwork
  • Talk: Experiencing Honesty and Integrity
  • Workshop:  Gratitude, a lifestyle
  • Workshop: Awakening the Virtues within You
  • Workshop: Solving Conflicts through Personal Transformation
  • The Leader’s Virtues
  • Workshops for the employees’ children: They take place either in year-end activities, children’s day or summer vacation.

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