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About us

In the Gema Foundation we believe that virtues and values are inherent to human beings as precious gems in people’s hearts, and that such virtues can be reached through education.

The Gema Foundation is a non-profit social welfare organization dedicated to teaching virtues and values to children and youth aged 10 to 15, parents, school teachers, and organizations. It was born as a response to a concern we share with many people about the social deterioration caused by the loss of values in our country and the world at large.

We took our first steps in 2004 with the mission of helping children build a positive vision of their future and a strong moral identity through the teaching of virtues and values.

To date, the Gema Foundation programs have been implemented in more than 27 schools benefiting over 5,000 children. You can know more about our work in the projects section.

We develop programs addressed to parents, communities, and schools to create a culture of virtues and values in the social environment surrounding children. This provides a healthy space where children can reinforce the virtues learned, so that they become agents of a positive social change.


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